Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting web tidbits

Nelnet is giving away $1 million dollars in scholarship money. Go t

Parents parting ways? Check out
This site offers youth practical information on coping with the challenges of being the child in the middle. Writen by a divorce survivor, Max graduated from college this year. So there is life (a good one) after your parents break up. is a website that is highly polished, slick, and is stuffed with the kinds of important information that GLBT teens and those who love them need. There is a page on how to come out in your particular community and a suicide prevention link among the its many offerings. A great resource for teen librarian's to have in their arsenal.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nothing could be finer...

Greetings all,

I am in the beautiful Old North State (why it is called that, I don't know. You should ask a "good" librarian) and am currently on the road in lovely Smithfield, NC assisting in the facilitation of a workshop by Michele Gorman-uber teen librarian for PLCMC.

Michele's workshop is entitled "This Ain't Your Mama's Library." This is a must attend for anyone in teen librarianship and it would be even more valuable for everyone NOT in teen librarianship. Her points are spot-on and could assist in increasing the value of your library to your community and keeping it relevant for future taxpayers.

This job is great so far (I'm only on day 3). I've met some great YA librarians at this workshop who are passionate about providing the best for their teen customers. I LOVE THAT! Now we must assimilate the rest of library world to our way of thinking.

Adult services librarians look out -- RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

and now, the end is near...

Okay, so I have 1.5 weeks to go before my last day at HCPL North. I am totally ambivalent about leaving, but there are new things to learn and new challenges to meet.

I have had a wonderful experience at HCPL North and am truly greatful for the opportunity to work here (I'm not gone yet).

I visited my new office and am so nervous about joining the suits again. Being in a branch and hanging with the people is so laid back. Now, I'll have the Secretary of Cultural Resources right down the hall. Rumor has it she already tried to give away my office because it is still empty.

Well. I always wanted to seek out new life and new civilizations and short of going into space, this is my trek.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thing 23-So Long Thou Dreaded Drudgery

OK, so doing this wasn't that bad once I got into it and I probably could have finished faster if I had gon the the HCPL Participant website and used the links under the various weeks.

I am glad that I was exposed to all of these various tools. Some I will used with impunity (Library Thing), some not at all (Rollyo). It was, however, good to find out about these things, if only for the cultural literacy value.

Thanks to the person who decided to do wasn't all bad.

Thing 22-Overdrive and Net Library

I really would have liked for them to put the fact that these resources are not available to the hip and happening Mac/Apple crowd.

The tutorials were really easy to understand and the video was clear. But the disappointment at the end when one is shown the ipod with the big x through is is crushing.

Are overdrive and netlibrary pawns of Mr. Gates? Conspiracy theory? Maybe...

Now, Project Gutenberg is very interesting. There are almost no books that I want to read, but my sister who is a medievalist might find something to her liking. I tried the Kama Sutra, but there were no pictures.

Thing 21-Podcasting

I already have my NPR podcasts set up. I think I may add speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet since I ususally miss it on Sunday mornings.

My son and I are going to do a podcast so my sister's children can listen to us and maybe get them to podcast back to us.

Thing 20 - Youtube

My son has been making me watch Harry Potter Bananphone for weeks now. I really like Youtube for all of the old Saturday morning tv shows that I watched as a child. Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, Big Blue Marble, The Great Space Coaster, the Banana Splits. My husband even found some weird guy called Bananaman that he loved as a kid. He pulled bananas and cardboard mandolins, watermelons, and other items out of big pockets in his coat while making strange mewing noises. Very scary